Our Graduates

Craig YoungcraigHobbitSet.jpg

3D DDM Graduate

3D Animator Weta Digital

'I enjoyed the environment at Animation College, especially when it came to discussing our individual projects, you can bounce ideas off the other students. The student feedback and opinions expressed often result in better decision making. I learned the importance of a good story, and going through the right steps. From the initial idea, to a solid script, storyboarding and editing. You need to do all the steps in a relative order to come out with a finished and successful piece of work'

Justin_Lovell.jpgJustin Lovell

2D DDM Graduate

2D Animator at Mercury Filmworks Canada

''The role I currently hold, is Senior Animator at Mercury Filmworks which happens to be one of Canada's larger studios and in my eyes it's the best. I've been lucky enough to have worked with companies like Walt Disney, Dreamworks and Mattel just to name a few."

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Shannon_Fahey.jpgShannon Fahey

2D DDM Graduate

Animator Flux Animation

"Learning to animate traditionally at Animation College has provided me with an understanding and appreciation of the subject I wouldn't have achieved anywhere else. In this industry I've found a sound understanding of the core principles of character animation are highly sought after, no matter what medium you work in. I don't believe I'd be animating digitally today if I hadn't spent my time honing my skill set traditionally."

Crystal_Perry.pngCrystal Perry

3D DDM Graduate

Maya Generalist Gameslab NZ

“There were many highlights during my three years at Animation College Animation - Various industry talks from NZ and abroad, co-directing a team for Film Challenge week in my third year, John Ewing sharing his experience and stories about his days working at Disney, and the list goes on. I had awesome tutors who were always willing to help and great classmates with whom I made friends. By the end of my third year, I had an animation showreel ready, which helped me get my first job at Games Lab NZ a few months later, where I've been working as a Maya Generalist for the past year and a half.”

Richard.jpgRichard Kuoch a.k.a Podgy Panda

2D DDM Graduate

Freelance Illustrator/ Designer/ Custom Toy Maker

"I felt right at home during my time at Animation College, my tutors and peers have gone on to become workmates and lifelong friends. Animation College's environment was perfect for extracting every bit of creativity I had in me, which has proved invaluable in standing out on the international stage."

Paula_Lucas.jpgPaula Lucas

3D DDM Graduate

Ninjakiwi 3D Generalist

“Being in a creative environment surrounded by other like-minded people proved incredibly valuable, as it helped me to push myself further than I thought possible. I am now working as a Game Artist and the guidance of my tutors helped refine my skillset in order to achieve this.”

Tamihana_Greaves.jpgTamihana Greaves

2D DDM Graduate

Animator/ Illustrator Ninjakiwi

"My job is to create, illustrate, and animate for a games studio, and not many jobs get better than this. If it weren't for the guidance and encouragement I had from my tutors and the admin, I wouldn't be where I am today".


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