Our partners

Our partners are like-minded creative businesses, individuals and entrepreneurs. We value their social consciousness, contribution to industry and ongoing support and partnership with Animation College.  


Poutama is an independent charitable trust established in 1988 to provide business development services to Maori.







Student Job Search align the needs of employers looking for their ideal employee/s with the needs of tertiary students looking for work.




Autodesk are the industry leaders in the latest 3D design, engineering, and animation software. They offer a robust Educational Community with support and learning, as well as free software for secondary and tertiary students. 


Arkham City Comics is a safe haven for comic book fans! No matter what level of fandom or genre you're into Arkham will have the low down on all things comics! Whether it be reading, collecting or creating comics. 



Adobes commitment to the creative industries has revolutionized the way we engage and share ideas. Through their award winning software Photoshop® and Acrobat® that spans all industries, serving customers of every size.


Gordon Harris's dedication to art supplies is well documented with over 30 years experience. Inspiring artists and designers Gordon Harris provides an unbeaten selection, environment and experience to help stimulate artist creativity.


Origami branding, strategy and communications. A full service agency dedicated to igniting unique brand stories through all forms of communication and media. 


The Mondiale LifePod incubator is a revolutionary new invention that could cheaply save millions of babies. The brainchild of Sir Ray Avery who is a pharmaceutical scientist, inventor, and social entrepreneur. 


Paw Justice unite good pet owners and animal lovers together against animal abuse. Acting as one, with one voice, New Zealand can put a stop to animal abuse. 


As the world's leader in pen tablets, interactive pen displays and digital interface technologies, Wacom brings people and technology closer together through natural, intuitive interface solutions.


Auckland Libraries: your place of imagination, learning and connection. 1 city, 55 libraries, over 3.5 million library items.




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