NZQA Accredited, level 7 programme. Semester Two starts July 24.

Animation College’s Bachelor of Animation is a three-year course, with an option to go on to a fourth, Honours Year. The degree gives you everything you need to enter the animation industry as a specialist in Story and Character, World-building and Visual Effects, or Interactive Media and Games.

The first two years are devoted to giving you a thorough grounding in all disciplines, so that you can work effectively with other specialists in studio teams, or as a generalist. The third and fourth years let you dig deeper into your chosen field to develop expertise. Fourth year also has you working on original, large-scale stories and interactive concepts, and collaborating with commercial studios and business entrepreneurs on innovative projects.

What sets Animation College qualifications apart from the rest is our focus on teaching storytelling and animation principles to evoke emotion and engage audiences. This gives our students opportunities to develop their creative abilities, understand animation at the deepest level, and work with writers and entrepreneurs to create original and compelling commercial products.

The programme is approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority under the provisions of the Education Act 1989, and Animation College New Zealand Limited is accredited to teach it.

Kua Whakamanahia tēnei akoranga e Te Mana Tohu Mātauranga o Aotearoa i raro i te wāhanga 249 o te Ture Mātauranga 1989, ā, kua whakamanahia a Animation College New Zealand Limited ki te whakarato i taua akoranga i raro i te wāhanga 250 o te Ture.


Course code: 2803
Duration: 3 years full-time (plus optional Honours year)
Admission categories: General/ Discretionary/ Special
Degree Bachelors: NZQF Level 7 (360 credits)
Honours: NZQF Level 8 (120 credits)
Fulltime: 32 weeks per year
Start date: July 2017
$9,272 per annum (Domestic) $18,950 (International)
Semester Dates


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