Become a Character Animator, World-Builder or Interactive Game Designer. 

Want to work with the best, and be the best? Our Bachelor of Animation is the ultimate training ground. It’s New Zealand’s only degree level course specialising in 2D and 3D character animation, and it produces world-class animators who are at the very top of their field. If you want to reach your full potential as an animator, there’s no better pathway. Offered in Auckland or Wellington.

Through Partnership with Yoobee School of Design, the Animation College Bachelor of Animation with Honours is delivered from Yoobee School of Design facilities in Wellington.

This unique and diverse degree will equip you with everything you need to launch your career as a specialist in story and character, world building and visual effects, or interactive media and games. The programme kicks off with a thorough grounding across all disciplines, giving you the animation chops to work as a generalist or as part of a studio team. From there you’ll delve deeper into your own chosen field, developing the academic, creative and technical expertise that will really set you apart. Grasp not just the how, but also the why. Learn to analyse, research and critique, and gain the tools you need to carve your place at the forefront of this cutting-edge industry.

Constantly evolving to stay abreast of industry needs, this vocational degree programme will equip you with technical aptitude, expertise and creative smarts you need to produce work that is engaging, captivating and inspiring.

With a Bachelor of Animation from Animation College, you will be unstoppable!

The first step on your quest to becoming a world-class animator is to develop your foundation knowledge and skills.

Year one is all about giving you the buildings blocks to the animation kingdom. It’s your key to the door. We’ll introduce you to the principles of storytelling for film and animation, and we’ll peek into the minds of scriptwriters and designers – after all, they’re the guys you’ll be collaborating with further down the track. Sharpen your pencils for our studio-based life drawing classes and discover how critique and reflection can really enhance your work.

You’ll gain a grounding in the principles of visual communication design, and we’ll step back in time to see the impact cultural, historical and social influencers – not to mention technology - have had on the animation industry. Of course, you’ll also start developing your 2D and 3D skills. You’ll learn how to convey your ideas with moving image, and produce your own short 2D animations. Then you’ll turn your 2D images into 3D models, and starting to develop your own 3D art assets and animations.

The next step on your journey to animator superstardom is to start applying all that foundation knowledge you have just amassed. This year we focus on cinematic and visual effects, and also game design, utilising your burgeoning animation skills to create game assets and game art. Studies on interactive narrative will help you develop stories, worlds and characters for a variety of different genres and media types; and you’ll explore game creation software, zooming in on storytelling rather than coding.

Get geared-up for the workplace or post-graduate studies by building your academic, investigative and analytic skills, and boost your understanding of important stuff like professional practice, ethics and project management. Hone your advanced drawing skills in our life drawing studio sessions, and learn how to merge your artistic and animation skills with your creativity, ideation and transdisciplinary thinking knowledge. Dip your feet into advanced 3D graphics practices, visual effects techniques, and learn about compositing digital imagery with live-action footage. Plus you’ll study interactive production, nailing all touchpoints of the pipeline, from pre-production, to production and post-production.

Now, this is where things get really exciting! This year you get to call the shots and zoom in on what you’re really passionate about. Will it be story and character? World building and visual effects? Or interactive media and games? Whatever path you choose, you will be mentored by specialist lecturers every step of the way. These guys aren’t just lecturers. They’re legends in their fields. They’ve made it to the top and they’re passing you the torch.

Delve into the cultural, social, theoretical and historical aspects of your chosen field and develop the advanced knowledge and skills you need to really blaze a trail. This year you’ll funnel all your talent and knowledge into one epic pathway. That’s your heart and soul on a plate right there. That’s your destiny! Your ultimate challenge comes in the form of the capstone - an individual or group project of your choosing. It’s the culmination of everything you’ve learnt about animation thus far. It’s your opportunity to show the industry just what you’ve got. Knock us dead!

So now you know what we offer, NZ's only Bachelor of Animation! If it sounds like you, then apply below.


The programme is approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority under the provisions of the Education Act 1989, and Animation College New Zealand Limited is accredited to teach it.

Kua Whakamanahia tēnei akoranga e Te Mana Tohu Mātauranga o Aotearoa i raro i te wāhanga 249 o te Ture Mātauranga 1989, ā, kua whakamanahia a Animation College New Zealand Limited ki te whakarato i taua akoranga i raro i te wāhanga 250 o te Ture.




Start date: Feb 2018, July 2018
Duration: 3 years
Admission Categories: General/Discretionary/Special
Degree Bachelors: NZQF Level 7 (360 credits) 
Honours: NZQF Level 8 (120 credits)
Full time: 32 weeks per year
Course code: 2803 (Lvl 7) 2794 (Lvl 8)

Domestic Fees: $9,457

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