Application Process for International Students

Our international student application process is as follows:

We offer qualifications in Animation from Diploma to Degree. Please note that we have specific entry criteria for each qualification of study. Please click on the link for more information.

*Please note all international applicants must be 18 years of age or older to apply.

Download the International Application Form from our websites to print, read it thoroughly and complete.

Ensure all documents requested (Download Document Checklist) are included. Depending on the programme, the application process may vary.

You need to provide a portfolio along with your application and document. Please click on the link for requirements. 

International student interviews are taken case-by-case and sometimes not required. For applicants living in New Zealand if prefarable can be interviewed face-to-face. For applicants living overseas, your interview could be carried out via Skype or similar.

If your application in successful, you will receive an offer letter and invoice. This may be on the condition that you meet all specified requirements. Conditional offer letters may also be issued subject to meeting English language requirements. 

In order to accept your offer of placement, you need to return your signed offer letter and pay the tuition fees.

On meeting the conditions stated in the offer letter, a confirmation of enrolment is sent to you along with the fees receipt. This will assist you to apply for your student visa and arrive on time for the intake start date. You must ensure that your visa remains valid throughout the duration of study.

For any assistance with your application, please contact our International Team at or call us on +649 373 4958


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