Studying in New Zealand

For a small country, we pack a lot in. There’s something here for everyone. Beaches? We have some of the most beautiful coastline in the world. Into skiing and mountains? There’s plenty of that here too. Like to hike? You’ll find native forest tracks just 40 minutes from the centre of the city. Sports mad? You name it, we play it. Or maybe you’re more into arts and culture; again there’s so much to soak up – art galleries, live theatre, not to mention the great local music scene. Animation College is located right on Queen Street, in the very heart of Auckland City, with its amazing shopping, eateries, movies and more. The harbour is right at the end of the street; you could jump on a ferry and hike up Rangitoto, our extinct volcanic island, or even bungee jump off our iconic Sky Tower – it’s just a few blocks away!

Our small island nation really does have it all. To find out more about what New Zealand has to offer, click here.


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