3D tutor wins award for 3D printed record player


3D tutor Oana Jones has won first prize for a global 3D printing competition. 

The competition, sponsored by Makerbot and GhostlyVinyl hosted on Thingiverse, encouraged entrants to create a vinyl themed 3D printable design. Oana's model was selected from over 200 entries, with a variety of themes and ideas from decorations, to storage and even replacement parts. 

The below video shows the assembly of the parts. 

The design has also received worldwide attention, and has been has featured internationally in the news and on dozens of tech blogs and websites.

If you'd like to know more check out the Radio New Zealand interview and the video feature on the Stuff website.

Since winning, Oana has designed version 2.0, featuring less parts and smoother playback. In the pipeline is a zoetrope accesory that can be swapped out for the turnatable, which gives the design multi functions. Check it out on Thingieverse

Oana will be at the 3D Printing Show and Tell in Auckland next month if you'd like to catch up.


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