Animated Kidscan Project


AC Students have just finished working on a nationwide animated campaign for KidsCanNZ.


AC Lead Animators on the project: Chelsey Furedi (2D), Kali De Wild (2D), Alisha Kay-Green (3D) and Mark Dagatan (3D).  


Sophie Mowday (left) and Julia Haydon-Carr (right) from Kidscan came on Monday to thank students for all their hard work!

30 AC students worked on this project for 8 weeks in total, which included character design, storyboarding, 3D character animation and 2D Flash animation.

The final product is 3 minute long explainer video for head lice prevention in schools. Once final sound mixing has been completed, the project will be seen in 600 schools nationwide!

Big thanks to Diploma Lecturer Michael Glasswell who took the lead on this project and project managed all 30 students.

This is a further example of an animation for social change project that the college has been involved in. Check out an earlier project for Foster Hope here.


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