Alumni interview David Ogilvie


David Ogilvie is an animator, illustrator and concept designer extraordinaire.

After graduating Animation College in 2006, David worked for Firehorse Films on the Brotown series, from there he became a freelancer on numerous projects; from artwork for a Star Wars trading card game, comic books and illustration for children’s books, one of which is called Hornsnoggle Ferret. Currently David works as a Lead Concept Designer and contributes design to Parnell based gaming company Outsmart who develop various gaming apps.

He also recently took part at Auckland Indy Arts Festival Chromacon. See David's portfolio here.


David gave an enlightening talk on his experience in industry, his unique approach to comic art, book cover illustration and children’s book illustration, and how he eventually migrated over into concept design. Our students were working on hybrid character designs, and asked David for a demonstration, suggesting an axolotl/ human hybrid design, David swiftly sketched up this below.



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