Alumni interview Emma Cartwright



1. Where are you working now?
I'm at Bardel Entertainment in Vancouver right now at the same studio that works on "Rick and Morty".

2. What did you study at Animation College?
I studied for two years at Animation College in the 3d program, gaining a Diploma of Applied Animation

3. What did you enjoy most about studying at Animation College?
I met some great people at Animation College and it was a really good way to get to know a variety of different artists, as not everyone was heading along the same path. Some of the people I studied with are now modelers, tattoo artists, and a few fellow animators too!

4. Where are you working now?
Right now I'm at Bardel Entertainment in Vancouver, BC, working on a Netflix exclusive show called "All Hail King Julien". It's based on King Julien from Madagascar and his antics with all his lemur subjects. It's the funniest show I've ever worked on! Refreshingly adult humour.

6. How did your study at Animation College prepare you for industry?
In my time at Animation College I think I developed a good sense of teamwork, particularly when collaborating with other artists for the group projects at the end of term. This is pretty important, especially in tight-scheduled shows for TV. At the same time I realized the importance of communication between artists.

7. What has been your favourite experience working overseas?
So far, the day King Julien won 3 Emmys has been a huge highlight of my time over here. The schedule had the team working their butts off in this first season and it was so awesome to see all that hard work pay off.

8. What are the top 5 recommendations you would give to someone thinking of studying animation?

  • Draw lots! Don't stop.
  • Observe (and if you can - draw!) people whenever you can. On a train or bus, out in the street, at cafes, at the park; you'll pick up little personal nuances to put into your acting library.
  • Watch movies and cartoons, and figure out what you like, and why you like it. Study the masters you look up to
  • Live your life too! Do other things you love, maybe travel, so you have your own unique experiences to draw inspiration from
  • Playing a sport, a musical instrument, or learning a dance are SUPER helpful for thinking in terms of body mechanics, posing, appeal and timing - all fundamentals of animation!


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