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We catch up with Bachelor of Animation students; Teahi Maiau, Mikayla Atkins, Sam Woodhouse, Jacob Knight and Raven Maipi-Tukere to find out what they think of the Bachelor programme, what initially attracted them to the programme, what fears they had before starting and what they’ve learned so far.

Why did you decide to study with Animation College?
Teahi: ‘No other place offered a degree which covered both 2D and 3D it kind of felt like it bridged the gap’.
Mikayla: ‘It was the only place which had the mix of what I wanted to do’.

Were you concerned about what the Bachelor of Animation was going to be like before you started?
Jacob: ‘I was intimated by what my peers work might be like, like if mine was going to be as strong ha-ha.’
Teahi: ‘The [sic: Bachelor] Paper Descriptors freaked me out! Ha-ha’.

Were you more nervous, worried or excited before you started the Bachelor of Animation?
Mikayla: ‘All three…but mostly a mix of nervous excitement’

What worried you the most?
Teahi: ‘I didn’t realize that we had to do public speaking and presentations, but I’m actually glad that it did.’
Sam: ‘It’s better to do it here and practice rather than needing to do it and not having experience.’

The transformation animations above were created by Bachelor of Animation students with only 10 weeks animation experience. As you can see, they're going through quite a transformation themselves. 

Were there any personal boundaries you had to overcome?
Teahi: ‘Besides public speaking! Ha-ha.’

Mikayla: ‘Journaling! It really pushed me, having to organize my thoughts so someone else could read them and make sense of my ideas. There was also pressure to record every day, every part of the process. But, it’s really nice being able to look back at what we’ve learned’.

Did the thought of academic writing scare you a bit?
All 5: ‘Yes! Very scary!’

What has been your biggest learning so far since starting on the Bachelor of Animation?
Mikayla: ‘The amount of organization we need to have, also the introduction to software’.
Teahi: ‘Life drawing….I love life drawing. It’s kind of like going to the gym, but for your mind. You don’t want to go, but once you’ve done it, you feel great’.

What’s your favourite part of the curriculum so far?
Mikayla, Teahi, Sam: ‘We like all of it’
Mikayla: ‘The scheduling is great, every subject compliments each other’. The course set up increases your skill set without you even realizing’.

Do you feel that you’ve had more opportunities opened up to you in terms of job outcomes?
Sam: ‘It’s been nice to meet people from the industry in different creative roles.’
Teahi: ‘I feel like I have a stronger idea of where I want to go. I’ve had a practical taste [sic: of many disciplines] and I know what to expect’.

Given what you know now, would you recommend the programme to someone else?
All 5: ‘Yes!’
Teahi: ‘The class atmosphere is open, there’s a really organic group discussion so you can easily communicate and ask for feedback.’
Mikayla: ‘I really like being surrounded by like-minded creative people’. Staff are also really supportive and friendly. I feel empowered by the tutors’.

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