Big Cat Chalk Art


We were asked by Auckland Zoo to create chalk murals of a Tiger, Lion and a Cheetah for the Big Cat Weekend fundraiser.  

This is something we've been participating in for the last 5 years and we really look forward to creating large scale artwork for a good cause. Zoo goers were asked to donate to their favourite big cat and throughout the day the big cat with the most votes would have a little more detail added to their mural. 

This year the murals were designed by Third Year 3D Student Michelle Airlie, who as a Lion King fan used her inside knowledge of the Big Cats to sketch up the designs. 



Once the design are finished the images are enlarged via the photocopier into multiple tiles at an A3 size. The tiles are laid out in order so that the line can be transfered onto the concrete using an animation techinque of 'flipping'. The paper is fliped back over the surface quickly and the artist transfers the image line-by-line until all the detail has been transfered.

IMG_5423.JPGOnce all the linework has been transfered, artists block out the colour using the reference of the final concept image. The blocked colours are then blended into the artwork.


When all the base colours have been blended, highlights and shadowing can be added; this process is known as 'rendering'. Rendering can involve blending through complimentary colours to help emphasis certain areas and gain a realistic three dimensional appearance. In the case of the Lion below - blues and purples were used ontop of orange/red to help gain a sense of depth. 

IMG_5457.JPGIn just over two hours the team was able to complete our first big cat!


A great result and great cause! Check out our Facebook Page for more images from the day and Tiger and Cheetah murals that the team worked on! 

Thank you to Caroline Thompson at Auckland Zoo for inviting us out to the Zoo for the weekend! 


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