Comic Book Month at Auckland Libraries


Animation College staff and students were invited by Auckland Libraries to contribute to the Comic Book Month event being held all this month in several Auckland Library locations.

Diploma of Applied Animation Students have been really busy studying sequential storytelling and comic panelling throughout August in preparation and have created some truly unique stories to showcase.

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Leading up to the LibraryCon event at Panmure Community Hall on the 6th of September members of the Animation College Drawing Club have also been taking part Drawing in Public Sessions, at Auckland Library, to build up confidence in drawing live portraits in practice for this event. They’ve been producing some great work and also been mingling with the public, inspiring the next generation of artists and testing their skills in different situations.


It was a lot of fun on Saturday at 'Drawing in Public' at Auckland Libraries with the #AnimationCollegeDrawingClub (or ACDC)! Here are some photos of the many visitors we had!

Posted by Animation College NZ on Sunday, 30 August 2015

LibraryCon was also the first opportunity to display the original comic work from DAA students, before it headed off to Auckland Central Library where it will be hosted the entire month of September. 

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Comic Book Month is an annual event and is full of workshops, guest panel events, exhibitions and competitions. It’s a great opportunity for the public and AC students alike to share stories, artwork and ideas in an open forum. AC students have really enjoyed seeing the reaction their works have created so far this month and with the 24 Hour Comic Book event coming up next month, not to mention Free Comic Book Day and the Special Kids Christmas in December, there are even more opportunities for AC students to showcase their skills and be involved in community events.


AC has also been invited by Auckland Libraries to exhibit some original comic work for #ComicBookMonth! We also...

Posted by Animation College NZ on Monday, 7 September 2015

In some cases this the first time these students have exhibited work publically or attended a public creative event so these extracurricular events and groups are really contributing to their professional development, not only that, it is fantastic opportunity to give back to the creative local community.


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