Condensed Mid-Year 2D Diploma


Animation College is currently taking applications for the Condensed Mid-Year 2D Diploma of Applied Animation.

Beginning on the 29th of June; the first year of the course has been condensed into 28 weeks, 5 days a week and 8 hours a day and streams seamlessly into the second year in 2016. By the end of 2016 students will achieved their level 6 and have the necessary skills to enter industry or pursue further study opportunities. 

Check out some of DAA student work examples and interviews here:

Students cover the same course content, recieve the same amount of contact hours in class, but complete the course in a shorter time frame. 


The 2D Diploma of Applied Animation is highly practical, with students spending their time in class applying the same skills they would in industry. Students also have access to special guest lecturers who give vital insight into the industry they are preparing to enter. 

See interview with recent industry guests:

The Animation College Auckland campus has been purpose fitted to deliver this course and offers state of art labs, wet rooms, life drawing rooms, large class rooms and common room facilities.

If you'd like to see the space for yourself please attend our upcoming Open Evening - click here for ticket information.

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What skills will you learn?

  • Life drawing and anatomy skills
  • Timeless transferable animation knowledge
  • A unique form of visual storytelling
  • The latest animation software
  • Animation Pipeline
  • The 12 principles of animation
Other opportunuties also include paid work experience through Zoolab

Find out what you need to apply here or visit the Application FAQ.


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