Pixar 'Inside Out' Film Review


On Monday the entire Animation College visited the cinema to check out the latest Pixar film Inside Out. The art of emotion is truly alive in this film and we catch up with Bachelor of Animation Programme Leader Zak Waipara to gain a bit of insight into story telling aspect of the film.  

The main idea behind the new Pixar film Inside Out, is that there are five personified emotions, Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust, that run a control room inside the human mind. The story centres around an 11 year old girl, Riley, whose life and emotions are thrown into chaos by a move to San Francisco from Minnesota.


True to Pixar form, the film is visually very polished, with moments of humour peppered throughout the story. There are clever visualisations of the mindscape as a physical environment – including theme parks and a pit where old memories go to die. As Gene Harris (our Marketing Manager) noted, the film followed Pixar’s principles of story structure very closely, as outlined by Andrew Gordon.

However it seemed odd that the parents, who are shown to be thoughtful and caring, didn’t involve their daughter in their plans to relocate to a new city. This convenient plot point comes as a surprise to Riley and is the inciting incident that disrupts her world. Later on, the parents don’t accompany her to the first day of her school, which also proves to be extremely testing for her. These are clearly story decisions designed to isolate Riley and setup conflict between her and her family. So, while the parents are shown to be a little stressed by the move and establishing a new business, it didn’t ring true that they would be unaware of the potential impact a life-changing decision like this would have on their daughter.

At its heart it has an important message about our modern world where there is seemingly an emphasis to be happy all the time. The central premise of the film would seem to be, in order to be whole and mentally healthy we must embrace all of the emotional parts of the spectrum – one cannot have happiness without knowing sadness, and that it is better to feel painful experiences that feel nothing at all.

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