Forging Jane


Winter is here!, blasting us with cold winds, icey rain and forcing us the wake to frosty mornings in the dark.

One thing that has kept us going through this particulary stormy season is wrapping up warm indoors and watching the ever popular (and controversial) Game of Thrones

To celebrate our Semester Two intake (starting July 25), we decided to take this as inspiration and create a new AC character; namely Jane Snow. Riffing off the ever popular fan favourite Jon Snow (played by Actor Kit Harington), the concept to 'genderbend' Jon to Jane was taken from cosplay and popular fan art.

We tasked AC Lecturer Daniel Zhang (a.k.a DZ) with the challenge of creating Jane. The brief was drafted and DZ had to create a likeness to Jon Snow's famous black locks and produce a determined and unwavering steely expression. 

An added challenge was also to show how Jane was affected by her frosty environment and add an element of forced perspective (which we think DZ nailed). 

It's not uncommon for an illustrator to begin with a series rough concepts, to get the overall composition and feeling, before one is chosen to develop further. 


This process is more about communication than the finished look and to be honest we could have chosen any of these, however the decision was made to go with the top right pose and get closer to the characters expression.

From here, DZ developed a colour palette and fleshed the pose out more.


The centre palette was chosen and DZ moved onto the lineart. It's important at the line art stage to tidy up areas of confusion and make sure that the pose communicates clearly. Anatomy, costume and negative space are all taken into consideration.


With the linework signed off, DZ rapidley moved ahead with the desired cellshaded look. This is where all colours are applied as fills, so the artist can access form and shape.


The main focus here, is making sure the character and elements are all working before any further details are added. The background is only very lightly worked up here. DZ pushed ahead here for details and background elements.


From here on in, there are only small tweaks. We decide to reduce the amount of scrapes and cuts to the face and add a bit of shadow and frosty breath....and here she is! Click on the image below to see the full version.

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