I Love Loops win Best Animation at 48Hours!


The Lecturer Team of 'I Love Loops' has done it again, carrying on from making the top 4 last year (as a wildcard pick by non-other than Sir Peter Jackson himself) to this time taking the 1st place as 'Best Animation' at the 48Hour Film Festival 2015!


We catch up with one of the team members Dane Jacobs (who also doubled as the films lead character) to discuss the team achievement!

'There were well over 600 entrants, and over one weekend we all had to make a 1-7 minute film that included:

• a character named Harper Harrison, who is thoughtless.
• bread as a prop.
• the line of dialogue, “oh really”.
• uses a match-cut or match-dissolve.

We were also each given one of 12 genres, and ours was horror. Our film won the award for Best Animation in the National Awards for the 48hour competition. 

The film itself is split into 5 main parts, each lead by a different animator (the first part is by Nigel, assisted by Raj, then Frans, Mike, myself, and finally Daniel). This method of splitting up the film into sections is really fun to work with, but we tried to make the story more cohesive this year. Last year it was just a random string of surreal stories with not much connection to each other.


We also tried to make it genuinely scary, mainly just as a challenge. It’s a lot harder to scare someone with animation than with a live action film.'

The team of 'I Love Loops' consists of: Dane Jacobs, Mike Glasswell, Daniel Zhang, Frans Schendelaar, Raj Thandu and Nigel Ward.

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Check out the film below: 

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