Industry Interview: Justin Lovell


We have been fortunate to fit an interview in with a very busy Animation College old boy Justin Lovell who is currently working for Mercury Filmworks in Canada.

Justin is a really down-to-earth guy who describes himself as a bit of a cheese ball, but what is apparent is how passionate he is about the craft of animation and that his strong work ethic has carried him really far in the industry. Justin shares with us his experiences working for some of the most well-known and largest brands in animation.

Can you tell us about your current position and what you've been working on?

'The role I currently hold, is Senior Animator at Mercury Filmworks which happens to be one of Canada's larger studios and in my eyes it's the best. I've been lucky enough to have worked with companies like Walt Disney, Dreamworks and Mattel just to name a few. With the countless demos we're asked to do and the fantastic shows I’ve worked on, I find we're always being pushed to better our skills. When I started at Mercury back in Jan 2011, it was on "Kick Buttowski" and I thought I had a handle on what I "knew" was good animation. Kick was demanding and pushed me more towards the animator I am, as well as the style that suits me best.'

What did you work on after 'Kick Buttowski'?

'After Kick, there was a lot of jumping around. I had a long period of helping out on demos and other shows like "Jake and the Neverland Pirates ", to storyboards and lending a hand to whoever needed me.'

So basically a lot of moving around and multitasking across multiple projects. This sounds like quite a challenge - what were the hours like?

'Then "Wonder Over Yonder" hit; I still say the second episode "The Picnic" was its best. But that show pushed me, late nights and weekends were the norm for the first couple of months while I got used to one of the most insane styles of animation that I’ve done, but worth every minute of it. I didn't think it'd be as big as it is....'

 So I guess there are some great experiences amongst all that hard work too?

' greatest achievement on the show; Having the creator Craig McCracken retweet a fan's link, which was to a sequence I had animated. MIND BLOWN.'

What are you currently working on?

'The show I’m working on at the moment is "Star and the Forces of Evil". This show is hands down my favourite so far; I can't tell you any more than that, but it's amazing! So over the last 3 and a half years I’ve been super busy with some of the coolest shows on TV. Yes, I know I'm super-biased and hey; I’m cool with that!'

Sounds great, we'll have to keep an eye out for it! With all this amazing stuff happening - is there a defining moment which has been really awesome?

'I guess over the years I’ve been fortunate to have worked on feature films and a bunch of TV shows, all being awesome. But for me the most awesomest thing to ever happen was to see my name in the credits, and that goes for both film and TV. To me it's like defining moment, closing a chapter on a project. You don't always get to see it straight away because you're busy moving onto the next project. But, when you finally sit down with the crew and see your name roll past - that's a special moment. It makes me proud of all the hard work I've put in and is the essence of why I love the craft. Yeah we all do it for the love of animating, but to see your name, it makes you push yourself even more knowing you are attached to that product, that piece of art. Or maybe I just like seeing my name?!'

Justin actually features on the Mercury Filmworks recruitment video if you'd like a sneak-peak into his work environment - which is just breathtakingly awesome! 

You can also find out more about Mercury Filmworks here.


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