Industry Interview: Kris Brown


We managed to catch up with Animation College old boy Kris Brown who is currently in Germany working for Studio Soi on popular Cartoon Network series 'The Amazing World of Gumball'. 

The series mixes flash animation with live action backgrounds and some 3D characters. This creates an interesting and original mix of animation styles which is then combined with the zany sense of humour. It really seems to be a hit with the younger audiences both locally and overseas.


What has Kris been doing at Studio Soi?

Kris has primarily been working as a 'Clean-Up Artist'. What does "Clean-Up Artist" mean in this context you ask?

'We're given rough animated scene files in Flash usually containing a combination of rough poses drawn with the brush tool and assets from the Flash character puppets.
Anything that can't be re-used from a previous scene is drawn by the animators and we clean and colour it. This includes inbetweening.'

What is your favourite thing about the job?

'Working on a show that I actually like watching (helps a lot). When I started I had only briefly heard of the show. Once I started watching the animatics I thought "hey, this is actually funny.. phew". That, and the broad range of design styles makes it interesting. Working at Studio Soi is also a real privilege. I don't feel I'm exaggerating when I say they're some of the most professional, open, friendly, thoughtful and supportive people I know. They're also a studio of great artists and brilliant storytellers... they're incredibly dedicated to their craft, it's inspiring. I'm lucky to be here.'

Has there been anything awesome that happened since you've been working there?

'Just being in Europe is awesome enough in itself. I've been all over the place; France, Spain, Italy, Greece, England, Austria, Switzerland. It's great to be here. I hope to be around for a few years more.'

Founded in 2003 and based in Ludwigsburg, Germany, Studio Soi has made some really impressive pieces of animation. Check out their website for more examples. 

Also check out Kris' online portfolio here.


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