Industry Visit: Robert Sullivan


Last week Bachelor of animation students were treated to another industry visit.

Robert Sullivan, head of the Creative Writing School at Manukau Institute of Technology and author of a number of books including Maui: Legends of the Outcast, gave a guest lecture to the degree programme students.

1st year Bachelor of Animation student Samuel Woodhouse had this to say: 'Part of the Bachelor of Animation’s Narrative Studies paper includes a focus on mythology generally, and a week where we look at Maori mythology specifically. So it was great to hear directly from a Maori author who (along with illustrator Chris Slane) had the experience of adapting the famous legend of Maui into graphic novel form.'


A couple of students approached Robert about being able to contact him directly to talk about the writing process, and run some ideas past him. One student remarked on how they noted that metaphorical symbolism is part of mythology, Understanding this helped him with his own work in looking for deeper meanings. Another student found that in the past, stories like those from Maori Mythology could be dry and disconnected, but in contrast the presentation made them rich and tangible, and it was nice to see poetry combined with graphic illustration.


Maui: Legends of the Outcast published by Godwit is now out of print but still available in Auckland Public Libraries.


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