Chelsey's work examples

Interview with 2D student Chelsey Furedi


What are you studying at Animation College?

'2D Animation, I'm in my second year'

Why did you choose Animation College?

'It seemed to be the only place where I could specialise in 2D animation in New Zealand, learn about character animation, the animation industry and studio practice.'

What are your top 5 favourite things about studying at Animation College?

  1. Access to professional knowlegde of tutors and guest speakers
  2. The facilities that the college offers - computers, books in library and animation desks
  3. The opportunities and experiences that we've given - internships, work experience in Zoolab, cinemas & zoo trips
  4. The connections we make with: people in industry, classmates and staff
  5. The building itself is very approriate to our needs, classrooms, indoor cinema, common room, convenient location in the centre city


  • Character_design_3.jpg
  • walk_cycles_1.jpg
  • Turnaround_1.jpg
  • Storyboard_3.jpg
  • Storyboard_2.jpg
  • Storyboard_1.jpg
  • mouth_shapes_1.jpg
  • layout_2.jpg
  • layout_1.jpg
  • Character_design_2.jpg
  • Character_animation_1.jpg


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