Interview with Craig Dunn Paw Justice


Co-Founder of Paw Justice Craig Dunn answers a few questions on their latest campaign.

1) What is Paw Justice?

Advocacy, Community and Education. Paw Justice is standing up for the 1.6 million cats and dogs that live as part of a family in New Zealand. We unite good pet owners and animal lovers together to tell the nation that animal abuse is wrong and not to be tolerated. We believe that if we act as one and have one voice, New Zealand can put a stop to animal abuse. If you believe in what we are doing, you have already become a spokesperson for your pet.

2) What type of people belong to the organization?

We have such a wide range of supporters from the schoolchildren to the elderly. These people all share a common interest either they are pet owners of animal lovers and believe that animal abuse must be stopped.

3) What are the main issues that concern Paw Justice?

Our main concern is that we need to have a change in society towards animal abuse. We need to teach empathy not only to children but to adults as well.

Acts of cruelty to animals are not mere indications of a minor personality flaw in the abuser; they are symptomatic of a deep mental disturbance. Research in psychology and criminology shows that people who commit acts of cruelty to animals don’t stop there—many of them move on to their fellow humans. Murderers ... very often start out by killing and torturing animals as kids.

4) What projects does Paw Justice undertake to achieve its objectives?

Children’s Education, Social Media awareness, Pet Rescue: Adoptions, Petitions and Campaigns.

5) What are the last few projects that Paw Justice has undertaken?

We Petition against Local Auckland Council to stop the excessive Dog registration fees increasing, campaigning against animal testing on party pills.
We created a new adoption website called Pet Rescue for animals giving rescue pets a second chance at life. 
“Justice around the World”  is a music video campaign featuring musician Tiki Taane.
The video is about exposing the illegal dog fighting that happens in NZ and all over the world. The aim of the campaign is to expose this horrific practice of fighting dogs to the death and inspire change into people to stand up for animal rights.

6) How have Animation College been involved?

Animation College have played a crucial part in providing the animation/artwork for the TVC ad for Pet Rescue.

7) What can people do to get involved?

If people want to support Paw Justice they can follow us on Facebook and get involved with our online community, with our campaigns and causes.
Buying your vet & pet supplies from our online Petshop directly supports us and our operation.

8) Do you have any last thoughts you’d like to share with readers?

Be the change that inspires others.


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