Maori Digital Cluster


Animation College hosted the Maori Digital Cluster Workshop early this month. 

Founded by the Poutama Trust, the Cluster helps to lay a platform for Maori digital innovators to have a korero, introduce themselves, present ideas and discuss possibly synergies and opportunities to collaborate.

A key theme that emerged from the Hui was that there is a real desire to connect with more Maori in the industry, and leverage opportunities through working collectively. 

To do this, attendees first addressed all the challenges that they faced in connecting and engaging with Maori community and highlighted areas in which they could see possible solutions and room for collaboration.

What was discovered is that through the connection of talent within ICT, culture and digital sovereignty it is possible to develop pathways for others to follow. The group identified a project in which these talents could be leveraged and has agreed to move ahead with this. 

Animation College Executive Director Adam Berry had this to say about the day; "What a fantastic experience [sic] was compelling to hear the success stories of the cluster, share knowledge and also identify opportunities to work together towards common goals".  


The cluster also gave Animation College the chance for collaboration and to take stock in the types of cultural thought leadership and vision required to break new ground in digital industries, learnings which are incredibly valuable for the organization planning curriculum and tailoring learning outcomes for students in the future.  


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