Digital Creature Sculpture with Nori Honda


The second day of the Nori Honda Master Workshop has concluded. This time students traded in their traditional tools for digital, as Nori took them through industry shorthand in Zbrush.

Focusing on learning the interface and tools, students learnt tips and tricks to bring their creature designs to life.

There are many ways to sculpt characters in Zbrush, but after following a number of online tutorials, Nori favours a few of his own personally developed workflow. 

Zbrush is a deep programme with 300 sculpting tools, so it's important to start simple with four-to-five tools and learn how to navigate and build foundations using simple shapes.

Once students learnt a few of the basics, they were able to produce some pretty good results for a first touch in the software. 

  • IMG_1163.JPG
  • IMG_1162.JPG
  • IMG_1160.JPG
  • IMG_1158.JPG
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  • IMG_1151.JPG
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The first day of the two day workshop focused on traditional sculpture techniques using wire and NSP clay, in which students learnt some great trade secret's.

This industry shorthand shows the most efficient way to get way to get to a result. It was the first time that many of the students had sculpted using real clay, so there was a bit of a learning curve to get started. 

Here are a few of the finished scuptures, but also check out the Animation College Facebook page for a few more photos from the day.  

  • IMG_1121.JPG
  • IMG_1120.JPG
  • IMG_1119.JPG
  • IMG_1112.JPG
  • IMG_1110.JPG
  • IMG_1108.JPG

It was great to have an artist of such experience teaching a workshop here at AC. Nori's body of work is really impressive as he has worked all over the world, on classic films and television series. 

His in-depth knowledge and passion for the industry has no doubt rubbed off on the students.

AC was happy to be able to offer this experience to current and past students for free.  



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