Mukpuddy Industry Panel for O-Week


Mukpuddy Animation were special guests today for the Industry Panel which was part of the AC Orientation Week.

The AC Industry Panel is run during Orientation Week to give students access to animation industry leaders, knowledge of current trends and technical developments in the local and international animation industries.


Fresh off the successful launch of their new animated family comedy 'The Barefoot Bandits', the guys from Mukpuddy were able to speak candidly about pitching the concept of the show to TVNZ and what goes into bringing a 22 minute fully animated show to the air under a tight schedule.

Pulling apart sequences of animation from the show, Ryan and Alex were able to show students various techniques they use, when creating complex animation sequences. Alex also took students through a time-lapse of the creation of animation character assets.

The Muks also had some interesting views on the future of animation, taking into account the rise of the digital content creators online and the current revolution in online streaming services and viewer content access.

It’s not common that a studio team wear so many hats, ranging from animation production to new business pitching. With the knowledge of so many facets of industry, the panel this year was jam packed full of specific animation content and pearls of wisdom. Students couldn’t of had a better introduction to the year.

Mukpuddy Animation is the brainchild of Ryan Cooper, Alex Leighton and Tim Evans, these three self-confessed animation geeks, have built an interesting portfolio of indie animation over the last 17 years, including 48 Hour Film Festival wins, music videos and even big network pitches. Their new show ‘The Barefoot Bandits’ is airing Sundays on TV2 at 6:30pm. Episodes can also be streamed here.


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