Outfoxed: 3D Printed Fox


With such great tools to help artists visualize ideas it's becoming more and more common place to see 3D printed models on artists desks.

With a printer in most classes, students can take a design from concept to paper, to screen and then into reality.  

Second year DAA 3D student Vida Ramage has created a 3D model to help visualize her Fox character.

  • 4_-_Fox_3D_print_cleaned_up.jpg
  • 3-_Fox_scaffold.jpg
  • 2-_Fox_3D_print_with_scaffold.jpg
  • 1-_Fox_3D_model_and_wireframe.jpg

Printed in low res, the model took only two hours to print and helps Vida to refine her design and proceeds with the design process.

Using a scaffolding technique to help prop up the print is essential as printing into thin air can have disastrous results. Once the print has finished, supports can be broken off and the model can be tidied up.

Check out a short video of the printing process here:

Vida Ramages 3D Printed Fox

Here's a short video of Vida's Fox being 3D printed. Such a great tool to have when you're visualizing a concept.

Posted by Animation College NZ on Monday, 14 March 2016


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