Qualification Development


In 2017 Animation College underwent an External Evaluation Review (EER) through the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and received a Category 1 (Highly Confident). This was a highly successful outcome for the College and allowed for an opportunity to focus on programme review and development.

All programmes governed by NZQA from Levels 1 - Level 6 are required to undergo full review and alignment with the NZ qualifications framework (NZQF) through the Targeted Review of Qualifications (TroQ). This process aims to strengthen and standardise qualification outcomes and industry involvement. All current Level 5 and 6 qualifications on offer at Animation College and AMES are due to expire over the next 12 months. In order to continue to offer quality programmes across the College, the Academic team at Animation College are currently putting programmes through the review. The programmes that this process will impact include:


- Diploma in Applied Animation (2D)
- Diploma in Applied Animation (3D)


- Diploma in Computing and Network Support
- Certificate in Computer Client and Technical Support
- Certificate in Windows Server Administration
- Certificate in Networking Device Administration and Support

- Diploma in Distributed Software Development
- Certificate in SQL Servier Administration and Support
- Certificate in Windows Software Development
- Certificate in Web Software Development

The Animation diplomas will be replaced with the following New Zealand qualifications:

- NZ Diploma in Animation (Level 5)
- NZ Diploma in Animation (Level 6)

The AMES courses will be replaced by the following qualifications which encompass the users perspective as well as a technical perspective for students seeking IT and developer roles:

- NZ Certificate in Information Technology (Level 5)
- NZ Diploma in Networking (Level 6)
- NZ Certificate in Information Technology Practitioner (Level 6) (with strands in Server Administration, Network Administration, and Information Technology Security)
- NZ Diploma in Database Administration (Level 6)

Animation College is currently heavily involved in the reaccreditation process and will introduce the new qualifications from the beginning of 2018.


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