Student Creations - Issue 001


2015 full steam ahead. We’re not even through week 2 yet, and there’s already a fantastic amount of excellent work being created within our walls. It's only going to get better from here.

After a hugely enjoyable Orientation day complete with Newspaper Wearable Arts, our classes have been cracking on with character design and silhouettes, story concepts, CG modelling, background design and much, much more.

Our bachelor program has gotten off to a great start too, with a tonne of life drawing, design and animation. The bizarre ideas are flowing thick and fast; it will be fascinating to watch their projects evolve.

It's quite exciting to see the enormous range of concepts bubbling away across the school; from the bizarre and crazy, to the dark and thoughtful and into the bright and colourful. Princesses, cyborgs, ninjas, clowns? Aztec Corn Gods?? So many stories to tell...

And on top of all of that, there is even some preliminary animation starting to surface. Already! Check out the video below to see some very first animation attempts, some early walk-cycles and sacks of flour doing strange things;


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