Student Creations - Issue 002


There's nothing nicer than opening the Submissions folder and being overwhelmed with virtual-piles of brilliant work to go through. It's great to see wildly successful experiments emerging, in things like lighting, composition, expression, storytelling and colour palettes...

This latest round of student work has an impressive amount of 3D students with top-notch drawing skills, and 2D students traditionally animating characters turning 360° as if they were 3D models! The medium-mingling and collaborations are seeing the students constantly pushing themselves and testing their boundaries - I, for one, am thoroughly enjoying the results...

The illustrations that are popping up around the school are evidence that the artist studies, life drawing and observational exercises are paying off. Mashing styles, heightening perspectives, increased contrast...There's a lot of cool artwork across the board.

I mean, look at some of this stuff; The intricate detail in the warrior's tattoo that Quint'n drew; the depth & shadow Amandine added to a small park building to transform it into a creepy backdrop; the thought that has gone into Taylor's character design process; or the atmosphere The Dealer has had layered into its streetscene...

Look how expressive Jayden has gotten those eyes! How badly do you wanna see the beast from The Chase animated? And I'm not sure how much reference Jess would've been able to gather for her Goddess of Breakfast Cereal! So much talent on display, so much learning & growing in progress, so many stories to tell. And there's much more where that all came from - stay tuned!


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