Student Creations - Issue 003


Animation College landed in Rotorua six weeks ago, and it has already been a hugely rewarding ride. Outlooks are different here and the vibe is fantastic. The students in Rotorua are full of ideas and have started their journey into the world of animation with some fascinating creations. Like Cee’s mist maiden that clothes the mountains, or the strong use of colour in Alomaia’s character above.

Our first month saw some great results from some introductory animation exercises. The entire class is brand new to animation and they bring all sorts of life experience to it; we have teenagers, 20-somethings, 30-somethings and beyond! And the talent in the class isn’t just restricted to artwork - league coaching, karate mentoring, social media guru-ing, there’s kapa haka talent galore...we’ve got Maori speakers, activists, poets, singers, guitarists, tattoo artists, graffiti artists, hunters, parents (and grandparents!), plus we even have our very own DJ on staff!

Whether it’s pencil & paper or digital tablets in Photoshop, there is a lot of great stuff being produced by these 19. The random drawings we do to warm up on crisp Rotorua mornings are resulting in some beautiful things and some superb oddities (“Batman Goes Clubbing” was one of my favourite drawing topics suggested by the students thus far!).

There is a remarkable difference between what the students here in Rotorua choose to create and what their counterparts up North are doing; these folk tend to gravitate towards the cultural designs that they’re familiar with, something not nearly as commonplace at the Auckland campus. So many of the students here are already brilliant at ta moko / tattoo design, traditional costuming and the stories that have passed down through the generations.

It’s marvelous to see the intriguing project ideas spring up around the class; for example, Chanz’ character designs are very thorough and the enormous universe she has already created entered the design phase with a kumara-coloured superwoman!

Another interesting idea brewing in the class right now is Aunty Penny’s - she is designing a project based on her old maths teacher, a farmer who taught with a strap in hand before becoming an airforce pilot. It’s a unique concept and there are many others bubbling away in the class that will be showcased in later months. From beautiful, painterly illustrations to cartoonish graffiti stylings, it’d be wise to keep an eye out for what this group of wonderful individuals does next.


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