Student Interview: Ben Passman


What are you studying at Animation College?

'I'm in my second year of the Diploma of Applied Animation 2D'

Why did you choose to study at Animation College?

'What it boiled down to for me, was that it was a practical course and taught by people that have actual industry experience. They know what they're talking about because they have done the job'


Can you explain the process of your hybrid character design?

'Basically I'd chosen an animal to base the design off, then I gathered research to help flesh out the concept. This involved loads of doodling, completing studies of anatomy (both skeletal and basic form) and just getting a feel for the animal. Then just pages and pages of sketches experimenting to find the right mix.'

What are your top five favourite things about the studying at Animation College?

1. The tutors

2. The range of work we get to do a mix of traditional, digital and illustration

3. The new facilities

4. The location. It's nice and central and handy to Myers Park (great for vitamin D in the     summer).

5. The other students. It's a great atomsphere, friendly and supportive. 

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