Interview with 3D student Michael Tysoe


What are you studying?

'3D animation, I'm in my second year of the Diploma of Applied Animation'

Why did you choose Animation College?

'It's the only place that focuses on animation. I've been to Uni before, studied film and visual effects and animation it was only part of the course and not the focus. Lecturers there were multitasking not really specialists in the field. Generally those that succeeded already had an undertstanding of animation - a lot of it they had to teach themselves.'

What are your top 5 favourites things about studying at Animation College?

1) The Lecturers - very knowledgable
2) Facilities - comfortable and up-to-speed
3) Fellow students - all students have the same goals
    and focus which creates a community
4) Responsive Admin Team - students opinions matter
5) Zoolab and other employment opportunities within the college

Michael's work examples

  • UVs_.png
  • game_animation.PNG
  • animation.PNG
  • 3D_UVs.png
  • 3D_modeling_5.png
  • 3D_modeling_.png
  • 3D_modeling.PNG
  • 3D_Illustration_3.png
  • 3D_Illustration_2.png
  • 3D_Illustration.png
  • 3D_animation_.png
  • 3D_animation.PNG


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