Semi-Permanent student impression from Rumi Gordon


As part of their creative growth Animation College took the entire Diploma of Digital Media class to Semi-Permanent this year. The event was held last Friday and Saturday at the Victory Convention Centre and acts as a creative platform for speakers from various creative fields spanning; graphic design, communication, digital technology, innovation, entertainment and animation.

Animation College also booked out the majority of the Pixar Animator Andrew Gordon's Master Workshop on behalf of the DDM students, which was held on the Wednesday prior to main Semi-Permanent event. 

We catch up with DDM 3D student Rumi Gordon and ask her about her first Semi-Permanent experience.


Who was your favourite speaker?
'Obviously, hands-down it was Andrew Gordon! But, James Brown's talk was also interesting.'

What was the most valuable experience?
'For me, it was understanding that everyone starts from scratch and no one immediately starts with amazing skills, they build over time through trial, hard work and constant effort. Also, understanding and being exposed to other areas of design, workflow and development of conceptual ideas.'

Did you enjoy the Andrew Gordon master workshop?
'Of course - It was the most enlightening experience! So much to learn, so much to take in! I just wanted to start animating something straight away and get into pushing those animation poses and building my skill base. It was fantastic!'

What was the biggest learning experience for you?
'Pixar is absolutely amazing, the process in which they work and the work environment are amazing. Andrew really drove home key animation techniques and really made me think about character motivation in my scenes. Where the characters come from, how they experience an event in a scene and where they're going are all important things to consider when animating a character scene.'

Is there anything you’d like to add?
'This left me really wanting more, it was a fantastic experience!'.


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