Student Interview with DAA 3D Student Vida Grace


We catch up with 2nd Year DAA 3D student Vida Grace and ask her about getting into 3D animation, what it's like being a student at AC and challenges she's faced and overcome. 

1. How did you first find out about Animation College?

'My High School Art Teacher put posters for the Light and Dark Character Design Competition up in class and convinced me to enter. I ended up winning the competition, but I didn't want the school to make a big deal about it in assembly, so I kinda didn't tell anyone ha-ha. Anyway, one day I was in class and my Art Teacher burst into the room and he was like 'Vida!'.


2. What made you decide to choose 3D over 2D animation?

'I'd done a bit of research and I was looking into the end result and career outcomes. I really wanted to get into concept art and 3D modelling, when you see Z Brush sculpts for film they just look so cool and I really wanted to do that.'


Some of Vida's Creature work has been used to promote the DAA 3D Course.

3. Have there been any big learning curves in learning 3D?

Laughs - 'Rigging! everything you do needs to be so deliberate and accurate, you can't really feel your way through it like you could with a sketch. It's more mathematical, probably more than I expected when I was first starting out.' 

4. Were you more nervous, excited or scared before you started the course?

'All three! Terrified about moving to Auckland by myself (the big city), not knowing anyone and also living by myself for the first time.' 

5. How did you overcome those challenges?

'Making friends in class, occasionally attending the AC Board game Club meet ups and lot of practising and learning (3D).' 

6. Given what you know now, would you recommend the programme to someone else?

'Yes, and I have! It's a friendly place and I've learnt heaps'.

Vida was originally from Awatapu College in Palmerston North and mentioned that her Secondary School Art Teachers (Mr Keith Dobson and Mr Steve Terpin) were a big influence in starting out as an artist.


Above is half of Vida's winning entry for the Light and Dark Character Design Competition. 

Vida won the inaugural Light and Dark Character Design Competition which included a first year scholarship to an Animation College programme of her choosing, as well as a prize pack from the competition sponsors. This year's competition winners will be announced on the 17th of June 2016.


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