DAA Year 1 Elemental Creature Battles!


The battle lines have been drawn! Our Diploma in Applied Animation Year 1 students have begun to tackle a really exciting brief which includes; elemental character design, world-building and gaming. 

Students had a two week assignment; in which they were allocated a side - good or evil! Then they were instructed to design an elemental character that would inhabit one of the many worlds inside a unique universe, filled with planets, worlds of ice, rock, water or fire. 

Using strong shape language and considering what characters would look like if they inhabited such a planet, students have researched environments, created some world designs and some amazing and terrifying creatures!


A class wide battle of 'Good vs Evil' is set start, pitting the creatures against each other in a modified rock, paper, scissors game: tree, water and fire! 

Early battles are set to take place tomorrow with the overall team winner being crowned next week. We'll keep you up-to-date with the battles and the creature designs!

Who will win when the Snow Walker and the Lightning Crawler face off?  


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