Tutor work: Anger branding image process



2nd year 2D Digital tutor Dane Jacobs has shared a bit of insight into the process he followed when creating the 'Anger' brand character.


Over 8 weeks, with art direction from branding company Origami, Dane was given the task of depicting pure anger in an image. Following a rough concept sketch from fellow tutor Daniel Zhang.  The concept of a wild animal either a baboon or wolf was chosen to develop further.


Dane painstakingly crafted each detail so when the image was shown in a large format, veiwers would always discover something new when the image was cropped.


Once the outer line work had been decided upon, Dane chose a colour palette which would reflect the fury and burning anger that the wolfman has inside. Details such as the eyes were a keen focus of the design as they are where true emotion can be captured. As you can see the iris is looks like a burning hot sun or a nuclear explosion. Also the element of danger which is presented in the animal's teeth was delicately crafted to that they appear razor sharp. Highlights in the hair are brought in to show the coarseness of the beast and a textured counterbalance to the facial details.


What better way to embody rage than to depict a blazing fire behind the creature and also create a strong sense of lighting! Details like scratches are added to show how feral the wolfman is and other small details like saliva and sweat beads on the nose. After final colour corrections there we have it - one angry wolfman.

The process of art direction was crucial in reaching this result and also the collaborative critique from the creative team here at Animation College.

Anger is just one of four designs created by our tutors, for more tutor or student artwork view our Deviant Art Group gallery here.

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