Animation College tutors team effort has won them wild card selection into the 48 HOUR Film Festival Grand Finals by non other than Sir Peter Jackson himself. 

Team 'I Love Loops' entry 'Frame Race' was selected as one of four wild card entries by multiple Oscar winning Director Sir Peter Jackson from over 700 entries. 

Peter Jackson had this to say: 

Team: I Love Loops - “Framerace”
Genre: Race Against The Clock
‘The joy of animation is all here in this marvellously chaotic little film, which employs a number of wildly differing styles and animation techniques, to tell the most simple of stories. Fantastic!’


The short film delves deep into the dreaming mind of an animator as he slips into a nap at his desk and the narative moves from live action to explore multiple animation styles as he moves in and out of dreamstate. Some styles are dark, creepy, funny or just a little disturbing, but then again - this is the mind of an animator.


We're extremely proud of the team, they were literally in a 'Race Against the Clock' during the 48 hours they had to complete their animation and nearly didn't make their submission time!


The guys learnt so much from the experience and are full of ideas for next year. No matter the outcome of the Grand Finals they're really looking forward to competing again. 

The 48 HOUR Grand Finals will be hosted on the 30th of May at 7:30pm in the Civic Theate. Until the finals the guys won't be able to share their film online (due to the judging process rules) - but if you'd like to see it on the big screen then tickets are still available here

*Updated 4/06/2014*

So the guys didn't come away with the big prize but were thrilled to have been chosen as a wildcard. Now that it's all done and dusted, we can share the film!



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