Christmas Card Character Artwork


2D DDM Tutor Nigel Ward has been waiting for his chance to rub a bit of his unique style off onto the Animation College characters, and he finally got his chance with the annual Animation College Christmas card. 

Taking the four emotion themed characters Nigel set to work on 'cartoonifiying' them.


The great thing about creating an iconic character, is the ability for it to be recognized in many styles. Nigel's subtle touch of 'furry pants' on the Anger character was also nice. He's angry, but who says he can't be comfortable.


Nigel's first point of call is generally a basic shape. When the basic shapes look good and the silhouette is strong, the character has already begun to take form.


Really like the grumpy/ cute expression Nigel has extracted from the Horror character.


And he's nailed it once again with our surprised character. With a bit of help from DAA Digital tutor Dane Jacobs, who rendered the final image and added texture and lighting,we have the final Christmas card;



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