Tutor work: Pet Rescue Animated Whiteboard Advert


Animation College tutors worked together with Paw Justice last year to create a pet adoption awareness campaign for Pet Rescue.


The concept was a tricky one, hand drawing whiteboard images to suit lines of dialogue in a 30 -45 second advert. Initially we really liked the concept, cause and punchline so we were sold on trying to realise this campaign. It wasn't going to be easy, but luckily putting our heads together we were able to come up with a workable method to get the job done. 

Working in a group; Graham Thomas, Dane Jacobs, Nigel Ward & Gene Harris created images to suit key phases/scenes in the advert which would later be drawn live, filmed and sped up in post-production.

After the first day shooting we were really starting to struggle, drawing without keeping your head in shot was exhausting (both mentally and physically) and needed to be done in one take, without any mistakes. We needed to 'head back to the drawingboard' literally. 


Had it not been for a 'light bulb' moment from Mike Glasswell the production may have taken three times as long. The idea meant reshooting, but was a stroke of genius; the images would be drawn off camera, then on camera erased backwards (using a specially modified eraser whiteboard pen), then in post played forwards and sped up, giving the illusion of being drawing really fast and also the right way around. 

We completed our second shoot without a hitch and the lion's share of the project was completed. Later the boards (or advert messages) were filmed in about an hour. 

We are really happy with the results and look forward to seeing it on television in the near future. At the moment it can be found on youtube and soon on the Pet Rescue website. We'd also like to pass an honorable mention to Ben O'Hanlon who was our Cameraman and Post-Production ninja. Ben works for 316 Films and is talented and top notch guy. 

For more on Pet Rescue and Paw Justice read our interview with Co-Founder Craig Dunn and find them on Facebook.


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