Zombie Outbreak! A study of micronarrative


Animation College bridging students had to deal with a zombie outbreak this week as part of narrative design paper.

This week's focus is on micronarrative objects or fragments that sit in the background of game environments and passively present story.

Students were divided into groups and presented with different stages of a Zombie Outbreak and were tasked with creating micronarrative fragments to dress sets. Think newspapers, graffiit, love letters left by survivors, blood spatters, environment damage, biological evidence of zombies etc...all the stuff you'd expect to see in a survival horror game, effectively turning an evironment into a living video game.

The students have just started, but already you can see that something large is going down in the creative sheds! 

Once the students have finished their set dressing, staff and students alike will be invited to walk through the sheds and 'read' and interpret the scene and story, so the students can see how effectively story can be conveyed with these types of objects.


Who says learning can't be fun. The Bridging students are busy building defences against a zombie apocalypse and...

Posted by Animation College NZ on Monday, 10 August 2015

We have a few more images from last nights zombie apocalypse micronarrative study. The bridging students only had a few...

Posted by Animation College NZ on Tuesday, 11 August 2015


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